I am an Associate Professor of Interactive Media and Computer Graphics in the Computer Graphics Technology Department at Purdue University. My interdisciplinary research in computational media focuses on topics in graphics and visualization, and recent projects from my lab include the creation of interactive tools for visualizing large simulation datasets, bio-inspired approaches to data reconstruction, and neural rendering architectures for temporally stable real-time denoising and supersampling. I am interested in designing interfaces and developing interaction techniques that augment our ability to reason about complex datasets and to facilitate effective data analysis. I am also engaged in exploring the creative use of technologies in order to enable new forms of artistic expression and to provide critical perspectives into the sociotechnical systems that govern contemporary life.

Prior to joining the faculty at Purdue University, I was an Associate Professor in the Computational Media Department at University of California, Santa Cruz from 2017–2022, where I directed the UCSC Creative Coding Lab, and before that I was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Illinois Chicago from 2014–2017, affiliated with the Electronic Visualization Laboratory. I completed my graduate work in the Media Arts & Technology Program and the Computer Science Department at University of California, Santa Barbara.

I can be reached by email at [email protected] and my office is located in the Knoy Hall of Technology, room 323.